Lauren O'Brien Intertwines Her Talents into a Bright Future

Lauren O'Brien Intertwines Her Talents into a Bright Future

Lauren O'Brien is an actress, model, content creator and recent graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Finance. She has tremendous insight and talent. In her own words, "I think the days of people having one career are over, and nothing makes me happier than spending my days working in these different fields while also learning to intertwine them." 

Hmm Intertwine! The word became interesting to us. 


  1. twist or twine together.
  2. "a net made of cotton intertwined with other natural fibers"
  • connect or link (two or more things) closely.

We met Lauren during our Zoom sessions when we were developing all of our plans for the launch of the farrah. It's obvious that Lauren is strikingly beautiful and has fabulous hair, but her clarity in regards to her future and how she envisions her life unfolding gave our team a sense of hope. It was the height of the pandemic, and to be honest there were dark days that made it extra tough to give meaning to a curling iron. Talking to Lauren gave us a sense of lightness and hope about the future.

Lauren constantly creates opportunities for herself.  When we met her, she explained how she had started to intertwine all of her skills and interests, and in doing so, she came across something called the Wealth Gap. Listening to her speak about the difference between the Wage Gap and the Wealth Gap, it became clear that Lauren has a lot to share with the community we are building, and is a woman creating new opportunities to create a brighter world. As she explained, "it's not just what women earn, but what they save, invest, and grow. The fact is, women only own 32 cents on the dollar that men own. My goal is to use my experience of being on camera to teach women (or anyone) how to be more financially literate."   

We enjoyed collaborating with Lauren, and we can't wait to do more with her in the future. We loved hearing her perspective. We were impressed that at a time when most people were holding onto what they had, she was investing in herself. It inspired our team to start thinking about how we can intertwine our efforts and bring women together differently. Sure it's great to have fantastic hair. But what if we can build a community of women who share the common interests of wanting to look and feel their best, and intertwine our differences and knowledge into a community of women helping one another be their best selves and achieve more than they could on their own. What if we were able to build a community that shared across generations and harnessed the collective power of women in a totally new way?  Our conversations with Lauren inspired us. That she used the word intertwine now stays present in all the ways we progress.

Below, Lauren shares more about herself, her plans, and her valuable advice for others:  

What inspires you about the future?

Looking at the future, I cannot wait to be able to travel internationally again. When you can experience another culture, it really makes you question why we do things the way we do in the U.S. As much as other countries can learn from us, there's also a lot we can learn from them! Different ways of life inspire me because I think we put ourselves in boxes sometimes, so unlearning that habit is important. 

How have you been affected by Covid-19?

The pandemic was a blessing and a curse. I've spent more time outside and with family than ever before. I also had time to take a 6 week acting conservatory at Stella Adler that I probably would've never had the chance to do. Unfortunately, the entertainment industry was completely shut down, so I had to think of new ways that I could create content from home. The discomfort of 2020 introduced a lot of questions on what I really wanted, but I think discomfort is one of the best places to grow in. 

What made you decide to invest in your equipment and take charge of your career?

I knew I wanted to create quality content at home during the pandemic, and figured I'd want to have the highest quality camera at a decently low price. I purchased a Fujifilm XT3 and I absolutely love it! And… some financial advice, there are no rewards without risks! Investing in something expensive that would attract clients at first was a risk, but the reward is that I've created new streams of income with just one camera! 

What are your goals for the future?

I'd like to keep growing in the modeling and acting space. Each job I do is a little bigger than the one prior, which is something I'm grateful for. I'd like to launch a Youtube which would be lifestyle based but also include videos teaching my audience how to take control of their financial situations and improve it. 

What kind of advice do you have about managing your career?

Always remember to prioritize what is really most important. If you get caught up in tasks that were supposed to be sidelined, they will become your main tasks and you'll lose focus of the original plan. I do this in the micro and macro way, when I'm checking emails or deciding if I want to work on something else that day. Prioritization is key to staying on track with what you want! 

Any beauty tips to share?

I always believe in the "Look good feel good" mantra. If I want to feel like a boss, I put on a fierce outfit and do my makeup and hair well. Although I love being in sweats at home, sometimes getting dressed up is that extra motivation to push you ahead. That's why I LOVE the farrah. I have a ton of hair, and when I want to look good, it normally can take 45+ minutes to make it looked tamed and pretty. the Farrah has been my go-to since It can take my kinky waves to beautiful curls in about 15 minutes. It's a lifesaver

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