Hi there! Thanks for visiting and introducing yourself to the farrah. To start, we want to share a little bit with you about what went into developing the farrah, and where we’re going next. To give you some backstory, we set out to develop the perfect curling iron we call the farrah.

We brought together a team of hairstylists, technologists and industry professionals who share a love for hair and self-care to create a tool to give you hair that only stylists are able to achieve. Until now. Our journey has been an exploration into technology and design. Yet since designing and building the farrah, our journey has taken a somewhat different path.

In fact, it’s now a journey through America, meeting women all over the country through zoom calls and google hangouts, women of all different ages with stories that inspired us, motivated us, and connected us to a mission we didn’t even know we were on.

Our conversations with women started off around how much we love our hair, and the challenges associated with it.
Quickly moved to deeper, more personal topics about how women feel about themselves, what they hope for their
futures, and the future of all things.

FOREVER farrah

FOREVER farrah

This quickly became our favorite part of the project
we call the farrah.

So what we’ve decided to do is share some of the conversations with the women we met with you in the hopes of bringing a little of what we felt, and the community we’ve been able to reach to you. Each week we will feature one or more women that we’ve met on our journey. We hope you enjoy the inspirational group as much as we do. You can read more about journey on our blog.

FOREVER farrah

“the farrah curling iron is not just for professionals, and it’s user
friendly for all experience levels of the general public”

- the farrah team