How does THE FARRAH Work:

THE FARRAH works by using our patented no tangle, auto-rotating technology. While most curling irons, curling wands and flat irons rely on excessive heat and pounds of pressure to curl your hair, THE FARRAH spins and combs your hair around a professional ceramic barrel, gently creating perfect curls in minutes. As your hair is wrapping around the curling-iron barrel, THE FARRAH’s carousel smooths the hair. We designed the inside chamber of the carousel with a smoothing comb and anti-static silicone gliders to make sure your hair never tangles, tears, or twines. The combination of the no-tangle, automatic curling mechanism, the smoothing comb, and the silicone leaves give you smooth curls without static and frizz that will last all day. With THE FARRAH, the gentle spinning and smoothing motion will give you beautiful, long-lasting waves and never damage your hair. It is the safest styling tool on the market.

How long will the device last?

THE FARRAH comes with a one year warranty. You can count on the product giving you many years of happy hair days. If you have any questions or problems with THE FARRAH, please reach out to us. We made THE FARRAH to make people happy. So we’re dedicated to making sure it works as we designed it. You can always email us @ hello@thefarrah.com.

Who developed THE FARRAH?

THE FARRAH was developed by professionals from the styling industry with more than 30 years of experience. It’s a professional styling tool designed for individuals who like the look of curls styled at a salon, but don’t want to spend the money or time always having to go to a salon. We like to think of THE FARRAH as the first curler that’s disrupting the salon model.

We all love the feeling of leaving a salon after a great blow out, new haircut, or salon makeover. We just thought you shouldn't have to spend the time or money to get it. The innovation behind THE FARRAH combines over 30 years of styling innovation.

How long will the curls last?

THE FARRAH was designed to create long-lasting curls with less heat and pressure in a very short time. Depending on your hair type and the heat setting you use, you can expect that the curls will last for an entire day without a touch-up. The great thing about THE FARRAH is that anytime you want to freshen up your look, it is as simple brushing your hair and takes only a few moments to do a full curl refresh.

What is the best temperature for my hair?

Hair temperature settings vary from person to person. They depend on your hair type and the kind of look you want to create. We suggest you take our hair quiz to find your optimal settings. Tighter curls require more heat. If your hair is thinner, you should choose the lower settings for your hair. It's always a good idea to start at the lowest settings and move up the heat settings to find your perfect setting.

How often can I use THE FARRAH on my hair?

THE FARRAH is the safest styling tool for your hair in the world. The general rule in hair care is the less you heat your hair, the better. If you plan on using THE FARRAH everyday, we suggest you let your hair dry naturally and apply heat protection. THE FARRAH is designed to give you great looks without using multiple heating tools. We did that to keep the damage to your hair at a minimum. Our research showed us that most people use a flat iron and a curling iron to get the curls they want. What we do know is that’s too much heat for anyone’s hair. Using THE FARRAH you can take yourself from everyday hair, to salon look without relying on a flat iron first. Everyone's hair is different, so when making choices for your hair, you should base these decisions on your hair type and the kind of looks you want to create. You can take our quiz and learn more about how to create your perfect look here.

Does my hair need to be dry?

Yes. Never, Ever, Use THE FARRAH with wet or damp hair. Your hair must always be Fully Dry.

Do styling products affect my outcome?

Absolutely. You can find a list of suggested products on our site.

What if my hair gets tangled?

If you misuse THE FARRAH or if by accident too much hair gathers in the curl carousel at one time, you may experience a slight tug. If this happens, don’t worry at all. Just reverse the direction by pushing the button to unwind, and your hair will release from the barrel super easily.

What hair types work best?

THE FARRAH is the most innovative hairstyling tool ever created. As we’ve said, it creates salon results every time. But THE FARRAH isn’t for everyone. We made a tool that’s perfect for medium to long hair. It will work on shorter hair. But no tool can do everything. That’s why we say it’s perfect for people with medium to long hair. Check out our image gallery to see a diagram of hair types and lengths we suggest.