Get the look with our tutorials. Let's take a look at few tips will help you get the gram-worthy look!

Outward Curling

How to Create Effortless Outward Waves with the Farrah: A-Z tutorial

Inward Curling

See How to Curl Your Hair Inwardly with the Farrah Curling Iron

One Hand Curling (Advanced)

Are you struggling with curling your hair? Don't worry! We are happy to share with you how to curl w/ only one hand 🙋‍♀️ using our #theFarrah.


Nothing worthwhile comes easy but if you watch this only 2 min-video, you're hassle-free! 🙌🙌
We’ll present the most common mistakes that you may be facing when using #theFarrah.

Virtual Styling Session

We are excited for you to explore all the styles you can create with this legendary tool. The best place to start is with the beginners tutorial. Below, you can learn the basic operation of the farrah. From there you can begin to explore all the ways you can style your hair. We are always here for you if you have any questions or want to schedule a virtual styling session.

Styling Guide

Learn how to get the best results for your hair type with these videos

Styling tips for Thick Hair

Styling tips for Wavy Hair

Styling tips for Coily Hair

Lauren O'Brien styles her hair into beautiful waves

Liana uses the farrah for the first time

How to use QR code in the Box

Your hair is your trademark

We have more tutorials coming soon!

Be Legendary