Get the look with our tutorials. Let's take a look at few tips will help you get the gram-worthy look!

How to Curl

  • Inward Curling

    See How to Curl Your Hair Inwardly with The Farrah Curling Iron

  • Outward Curling

    How to Create Effortless Outward Waves with The Farrah: A-Z tutorial

  • One Hand Curling (Advanced)

    Are you struggling with curling your hair? Don't worry! We are happy to share with you how to curl w/ only one hand 🙋‍♀️ using our #thefarrah.

  • Easy Curls

    Anyone can learn how to farrah easily and show off the salon-look curl!

Different Hair Styling Tips

  • Styling tips for Thick Hair

  • Styling tips for Wavy Hair

  • Styling tips for Coily Hair

  • Salon Results

    The technology of the styling tool guides your hair through the curl-carousel giving you the freedom to create salon looks in under five minutes.

  • Smooth Curl Technology

    It combines silicone leaves, an auto-rotating carousel, and a ceramic barrel to give you perfect curls, static control, and long-lasting bonding, minimizing stress on your hair.

  • One-handed Operation

    Whether you’re righty or lefty, ergonomically designed buttons, switches & handle give you easy control while you style.