We are excited for you to explore all the styles you can create with this legendary tool. The best place to start is with the beginners tutorial. Below, you can learn the basic operation of the farrah. From there you can begin to explore all the ways you can style your hair. We are always here for you if you have any questions or want to schedule a virtual styling session.

Getting started with the farrah

Basic operation of the farrah

Defrizz and add Volume

Styling tips for Thick Hair

Lauren O'Brien

Get to know the farrah as Lauren O'Brien shares some tips on how to create long lasting curls

Unboxing the farrah

the farrah has everything you need inside the box to create salon looks from home

Smooth Curl Technology

Our patented smooth-curl technology makes it easy to curl your hair from relaxed beachy wave to tight spiral curls

Your hair is your trademark

We have more tutorials coming soon!

Be Legendary