Legendary-Liana Wright-Mark-Shares about being the product of parents who met at Studio 54

Legendary-Liana Wright-Mark-Shares about being the product of parents who met at Studio 54

Legendary Liana Wright-Mark; is an actor, commercial model, and creative currently living in New York and Jersey City. As she explains, “I’ve been lucky enough to call NYC my home for over eight years, four of which I spent attending Pace University, where I received my BFA in Musical Theatre. Since graduation, I’ve focused more on commercial modeling and acting and have had the opportunity to work with many incredible brands and creatives. My most exciting job to date was being directed by Gary Ross in Oceans 8, getting to do a scene alongside Sandra, “Sandy” Bullock.” 

As we were preparing to launch the farrah we kept thinking about the word legendary. When we met Liana, we loved her from the first moment we saw her on Zoom. Born in Manhattan and having grown up in a small town in Westchester, NY, with her two adoring parents, Holly and Steven, it became clear to us right away that she personified our mantra “Legendary Hair, and Be Legendary.” Then she told us the story of how her parents met and it felt like fate brought us together. Two minutes into the interview Liana said, “My Mom was the hostess at Studio 54, where she and my Dad met on the dance floor.”  

Immediately we thought who better to represent the farrah then a love child from Studio 54!


Getting to know Liana, she oozes the essence of a woman who came from parents who met on the dance floor at Studio 54. Her style, charm, ability to flow and move through a conversation, and her creative energy are brilliant. They dance like we imagine her parents danced back in the 80s. 

Here’s some of the interview we did with Liana where she shares more about her life and her appreciation for all the ways her parents let her grow into the Legendary person she is today.

Tell us about your family and their life at Studio 54?

All of my parent’s wonderfully wild and eccentric stories involving Studio54 and NYC, in general, were always a huge inspiration for me growing up and deciding to go to university in Manhattan. The city was so unique and vibrant, and growing up in a small town, I was ready to experience it all in the big city. 

Did your parent’s experience with Studio 54 or careers in the industry inspire your personal career choices? 

(Mom has some really incredible encounters and celeb stories that I so wish I could get more into…maybe another time…) My Dad was a young musician in a rock band from Queens when they met, and now 35+ years later, the two have been together ever since. He’s still an amazing pop-rock musician and she is a retired chef. Their love story and open-mindedness in everything they’ve taught me growing up absolutely shaped me into the person I am today. Thanks to them, I always had the space to express myself creatively and the support to follow my dreams. 

How would you best describe your personal style? 

I love mixing vintage with contemporary pieces and finding the balance to make it look effortless. Always dress however makes you feel most confident and beautiful!

Mom thankfully kept many of her pieces from the Studio days (even her Studio 54 jeans that I got to incorporate into the shoot) and I’m very blessed to now have such a fierce array of vintage clothing. When I see photos of her wearing the 70s shoulder-padded Norma Kamali dresses standing in front of the club and fast forward to me wearing it now, I always feel fierce and confident.

legendary liana wright-mark parents


What have you been doing to stay sane during COVID? 

COVID has been a learning experience on how to sit still and enjoy spending time with myself… I’ve gotten back into the things I used to love to do as a kid: riding my bike, baking, listening to early 00s music and pretending I’m the love interest in the music video, having dance parties alone in my room… it’s been a swinging time. 

What does your hair say about you? 

I hope the term “effortless chic” isn’t too cliché, but that’s really how I like to envision my hair. I love a wave that doesn’t look overly done, but done enough so people can see I care what my hair looks like. It’s always fun to play around and keep it fresh: your hair should be an extension of you!

 Like I mentioned, I like to style my hair so it looks effortlessly waved, but not curled like I’m going to a friend’s Sweet 16 in 2004. It’s important for me to find a tool that keeps it natural and that is why I love the farrah.


What was your experience like with the farrah? 

The farrah is super fun to use and leaves my hair feeling silky and voluminous. The temperature control and spinning body make it easy to define waves on my finer hair. Since the comb is built-in, I get the brush out effect that I never had with previous tools. I always had to brush my hair out after with other tools, but with the farrah it’s already built right in. I always use the tool vertically and in smaller sections since I have a ton of hair. I honestly find myself doing my hair on days when I’m just hanging around the apartment… the farrah is really fun to play with!


Any beauty secrets you want to share?

Drink your water, eat your greens and moisturize! Try to keep your routine as natural as possible and allow your hair to have a day off from heat and products every once and awhile. “Self-care Sunday” should be more than just on Sundays! 


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