The Case for Clampless Curls

The Case for Clampless Curls

We've all been there -- doubling over in excitement for an upcoming event or party, listening to our favorite pump-up playlists, and doing our hair and makeup for the occasion. But nothing puts a damper on the getting-ready-situation than going to curl your hair and getting your locks tangled in a mess in some cumbersome clamp that’s customary on most curling irons. The clamp comes down on your hair, and the heat and the pressure create unintentional crimping. We’ve all been there and we all know the disappointment we feel when we have a beautiful vision for the way we want our hair to look and more times than not it just doesn’t work out that way.

Why should we have to go through the torment of a hot metal clip just to achieve the flawless loose beachy waves we want? How many times will we pull our hair out—both literally and figuratively—because of a finicky hinge on our curling iron clip?

Enter the farrah with its Clampless Curls.

Curling Wands have become very popular over the years because they create smoother, more long-lasting curls. But they can also be dangerous.  

That’s where the farrah comes in.  It is a new technology that creates perfect curls without a clamp.   It combines a ceramic barrel and a curl carrousel that rotates the hair around the barrel.   Using its smooth curl technology the farrah creates the perfect amount of tension, heat and movement to bring any kind of curl you want to life.  

With the farrah, you can say goodbye to the horrors of burning yourself every time you curl your hair.  It doesn’t need to be so hard to create the looks we want on any given day.  

It is the best of both worlds. Clampless curls without the risk of getting burned.   The Farrah does all the work for you. No more wrapping hair around a hot iron with your hands, burning them every time just style your hair. No more guesswork about which way you need to wrap your hair to create the beachy, silky, smooth and legendary look you want. 

Regardless of what tool you use to create your perfect hairstyle, we recommend always using a heat protectant.  You will find that letting your hair air dry will help your hair to stay healthy.  Then with a great brush and comb, and the farrah you will be sure to have endless happy hair days.